Pat Brady – GUILTY

Pat Brady, former chairman for the Illinois Republican Party, and a former federal and state prosecutor, was quoted as saying, “If you’re going to take on Donald Trump, you’ve got to take him out with a head shot,” said Pat Brady – John Kasich’s Illinois Campaign Co-Chair – in December 2015. When criticized for his inflammatory language, Brady insisted that he was using a “term of art,” and that he was not literally calling for Trump’s assassination.

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Whatever Pat, that’s how people back-pedal when they cross the line and are worried about their political career.

Pat Brady, you are GUILTY of using your position of authority and influence to plant the seeds of murder and sedition into gullible listeners against our now President of the United States.

Evil words in-cant evil actions.  There is this word called Karma.  You might want to consider it.

You are a domestic enemy of our State!