Ross Douthat – GUILTY

Ross Douthat is a New York Times columnist.  In a tweet that has since been deleted,

In February 2016, conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat tweeted: “Good news guys I’ve figured out how the Trump campaign ends:” (The link led to a clip from the movie The Dead Zone, in which a politician is nearly assassinated). The following day, Douthat apologized for his comment, and deleted the tweet.


Ross Douthat, or maybe we should call you Douche-hat, you are GUILTY for using your position that reaches a large audience to imply that the best way for the series of events that you are unhappy with are for people to take vigilante justice into their own hands and murder the President of the United States.

Yes, you apologized due to the outrage, but secretly you were hoping that people would be on board with it and champion your post.  You are evil to the core, and it is clear that you are not yet an adult.  If there were any justice in the world, you would be fired for inciting such violence.