Bonnie Burton – GUILTY

An earlier tweet, January 30th, by supposed-comedian Bonnie Burton shows that she supports an overthrow or assassination of the legitimately elected President of the United States simply because he won.

According to her wiki  she is a San Francisco-based author, journalist, comedian, actress, and show host.

Clearly she is a nasty woman who is struggling with her weight and can’t stand her present reality.  Some advice Bonnie, is perhaps stop tweeting so much and move your fat ass some and you might lose a couple pounds.  Yes, that was a fat shame.

You are GUILTY of supporting the idea that a Federal Agency, the CIA, should act in a rouge and malicious manner to either kill the 45th President, or take part in a coup d’etat of sorts in order to install the person you “feel” deserves to be President.

Welcome to the Wall of Shame Bonnie Burton, the traitor and seditious asshole that is fortunate to live in the USA.

For posterity, the above link to the actual tweet has been preserved for posterity.


Madonna – GUILTY

Madonna, you used your platform to plant the seeds of violence in people who are gullible, young, naive and sheepish.

You are certainly not a patriot in terms of America as a free and independent country.

You are GUILTY of using your influence to fans the flames of hatred wrapped in “love”.

You are also GUILTY of continuing your crusty musical career.  Just stop.  It’s sad.

Eddie Griffin – GUILTY

Eddie Griffin, known comedian, used his platform to incite and entice thousands of his fans in attendance to kill President Donald J Trump near or around 13-FEB-2016.


A story about this incident can be found here.

Unfortunately, the video was captured on Facebook Livestream, and the video was taken down.  If anyone has this video, please feel free to share with Sedition Register via the Contact page.

FBI and Secret Service, please investigate Eddie Griffin for these extremely hateful and dangerous comments.  There is free speech, but terrorism is not protected.